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The Price Tag on Paradise: Thailand’s Affordable Beachfront Living


It’s only fair to assume that luxury beachfront condominiums and hefty price tags go hand in hand. Thailand is here to challenge this assumption. The cost and foreigner-friendly process associated with owning Thai property may be surprising.


When you think of Thailand, your mind may conjure up images of sunshine, swaying palm trees, warm oceans, and sandy beaches. You may fantasize about vacationing or living in such a desirable place — starting the day with a salty morning walk, and finishing it with vibrant evening sunsets. But there is a mistake made by many, and it is one of assumption; the assumption that the price tag on a beautiful beachfront abode is beyond the realm of affordability. Let’s talk about the kind of real estate that exists in this dream setting, and how it may be more within reach than most realize.



Two popular beach getaway towns can be found just south of Thailand’s bustling capital, Bangkok. One, formerly a fishing village, is called Hua Hin, and it was made popular when the Thai royal family built their own vacation homes there. The second, neighboring Hua Hin and just slightly north, is called Cha-Am. Frequented by city goers, students, and foreigners alike, the towns are only two to three hours from the city, and are easily accessible by train, minivan, or car from Bangkok. They offer an atmosphere of relaxation that is family friendly and less party-centric than the famous beaches of the far south. The proximity to Bangkok makes Hua Hin and Cha-Am inexpensive and easy reprieves from the city if only for a weekend, and smart places in which to invest in property to accommodate its visitors.


From Cha-Am down to Hua Hin, the coast is lined with an assortment of beachfront condominiums. One such property is a newly constructed residence called Baan Thew Talay – Aquamarine. Completed in 2014 and located on Cha-Am beach, the luxury project leaves little to be desired. Included in the amenities are a beautiful sky pool and lounge, beachfront pool, kid’s pool, fitness center and running track, business center, beach club, BBQ zone, library, playroom, Jacuzzi, steam room, and lobby. Optimally designed for beauty and function, the fully-furnished units range from one to three bedrooms and all include panoramic windows with sea views. Now, for the cost of a slice of paradise:


A 45 square-meter (484 sq. ft.) 1 bedroom is approximately $118,000 USD

A 91 square-meter (980 sq. ft.) 2 bedroom is approximately $208,000 USD

A 170 square-meter (1,830 sq. ft.) 3 bedroom is approximately $356,000 USD





Even when a condo checks all the boxes and the numbers fit the budget, the natural concern for most foreigners is the process of purchasing property abroad. In this case, the answer is surprisingly simple. In Thailand, most condominiums are sold freehold, and foreigners are allowed to purchase freehold condominium property and own it fully under their name. The only caveat is a foreign quota, stating that no more than 49 percent may be owned by foreign nationals or entities. Given that most buyers in the Hua Hin/Cha-Am area are Thai, the foreign quota is rarely an issue for foreigners. For more information on Baan Thew Talay – Aquamarine, or to browse more beachfront properties, visit Coldwell Banker Thailand.